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Agriculture Mapping Class - $800 per person

Perfect for professional agronmists, farmers, land managers and stake holders.

Guided step by step education in how aerial NDVI data improves overall effeciancy of the growing season.

Get hands on drone training. Learn the best practices for aerial mapping crops and property. Understand the care and use of the technology involved.  Lean how to safely program and run autonomous data flights. Learn how to process and deliver the results to your clients or boss.

Ground School - Pre mission, pre flight check and set up.

Flight School - Learn to pilot the drone with confodence. Understand the different flight modes and when to use them. Know the cameras needed and how to process your data.

Autonomous Flight School - Lean the ground stations and practice how to program drone missions. What to watch out for, when to abort a mission, what equals a successful map. 

Step by step guided data processing and how to read the data and deliver to your clients or boss.

Space is limited, reserve your spot now. 

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