Drone Mission Training For Professionals 

Mapping • Construction • 3D Photogrammetry • Inspections • Real Estate • Film & More!

We offer certificate drone operation classes for professionals. FAA certified UAV experts train Individuals and teams in the fundamentals of aerial operations for the modern work environment. 

Learn the skills to dependably fly safe and efficient missions. Go hands-on practicing safety first drone operations. Learn to fly by wire, execute autonomous missions, keep logs, be FAA Compliant and maintain a work ready drone.


Basic training through advanced certificate class packages available:


Basic Flight School. Completely new to drones? We'll teach the basics of hands on, line of site piloting and flight modes

Drone Technology and Mission Programming. Understand how drones work, what they can lift and how to maintain them for reliable service. Pre flight planning and program manned and autonomous missions that comply with the rules and regulations of the job site. 

Track Resources On The Ground. Learn how to measure stock piles, plan building sites, inspect structures and identify problems from the air.

Crop Health Scouting NDVI imagery is a powerful tool that peers into the chlorophyll of crops to asses health conditions. Drones map acres in minutes.

3D Photogrammetry Inspections  Assess fire and flood damaged exteriors. safely view hazardous conditions, towers and power lines. Make VR 3D photogrammetry models for job sites, property, insurance and forestry.

Aerial Video Get the shot! How to work as an individual or with a team to achieve great photography and video to showcase your subject matter.



Drone + Training Packages

Industrial grade, Easy To Use, Built To Last. 

Get training bundled in with the best drone of the job. Be it a brand name or specific, custom build, Eagle Eye Metrics knows what platform works best for the job at hand. Contact us, we will help you make the right choice.

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