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Save time and money! No need for Scaffolding, Bucket Trucks or Helicopters!

We take the risk out of otherwise expensive and dangerous inspections. 

Traditional methods generally require several days to construct scaffolding, let alone the specified inspection. Working on multi-story structures the traditional process of inspection can take weeks.  Eagle Eye Metrics renders this method obsolete.

  • No risk to personnel, our drones go where employees can't. Taking the danger factor out of the equation.
  • Amazing detail, we see every nut and bolt. Aerial inspection services are better than traditional methods.

Mission Workflow:

  1.  Contact us with your project needs. Call (415) 419-9844 or fill out our contact form. Our staff are well equipped with drone inspection experience and will listen to your requests. Please do not hesitate to contact us for various enquiries, drone specifications or general queries.
  2. Planning. We will propose an optimal survey plan based on the customer's needs, taking into account the schedule, location, surveying accuracy, fee, the flight path of drones and other necessary considerations.
  3. Flight. Our drone pilot goes on location and conducts the necessary data capture. Depending on the situation of the site, we will revise the flight route, altitude, speed and make on site adjustments to conduct surveying with high accuracy.
  4. Data Processing & Delivery. We process enormous amounts of images to create and deliver models and imagery delivered direct to email. Models import in to the customer’s CAD software are embeddable on their website.