Family friendly thrills, great for beginners age 15 and up. Get hands on experience with our in-depth fundamentals of First Person View drone racing!  Learn to fly and compete for glory and prizes! 

A 5 day adventure, Monday thru Friday 9am to 4pm at the Eagle Eye drone action sports park, located in American Canyon, Northern California. 



  • Monday : Ground school.  A step by step introduction to the mechanics involved inside a racing drone.  Learn best practices for flight controller settings and power trains. Plenty of hands on racing, free style and Combat practice.
  • Tuesday: Tune, Hover and flying basics review,  followed by First View flight school. Get used to a new perspective flying above the Earth with a full day of practice. 
  • Wednesday: FPV Practice race. Get used to flying First person View competitively against fellow pilots.
  • Thursday: Qualifiers. Pilots will compete for launch position in the finals during this full day of racing. 
  • Friday: Big Race Day. Compete for prizes and a chance to qualify for in an International Drone Racing Association event.

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