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Meet Eli DElia, FAA-certified UAV pilot, industrial designer and owner of Eagle Eye Metrics, established in 2016.  Eli is on a mission to educate and spread UAV awareness, services and training to Northern California industries.  Consulting businesses in the benefits and application of drone acquired data sets. Often designing solutions specific to the demands of a client's work environment.  His expertise as a drone pilot and designer make him an ideal teacher able to bring teams up to speed in aerial mission operations and system maintenance.


Eli got his start out of school working in feature film visual effects developing motion capture systems for Tippett Studios in Berkeley California. His passion for robotics and design set him on the path to Invent the HIRO Action Sports Drone.  An extremely rugged, compact build made the HIRO a natural fit for flight training and rough, recreational fun, world wide. 


Water, Fire, completely impact proof

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The HIRO 450, The Reigning King of Drone Combat Sports

It was during this time, Eli co-founded Game of Drones and later the Aerial Sports League, which introduced the world to both the toughest drone on the market along with fun new drone combat sports and First Person View (FPV) drone racing, with his new model, the HIRO Mini 180-x Racer.

Smaller, Faster, Just As Tough! HIRO 180x Racer

Eli’s industrial design skills and products soon caught the attention of Autodesk, who has sponsored and collaborated in his UAV projects.  Through Autodesk, Eli leverages generative design, artificial intelligence and computer vision to drive a new kind of smart drone.

 Eli states a UAV that is, "A.I. grown and A.I. flown", is the goal.  Through trial and error, failures and breakthroughs, a one-meter scale, X1 class racing drone takes shape, a platform with vast potential applications for autonomous aerial robotics. 

Autodesk University Speaker


Eli In the news:  Read Core 77's  Dawn of the A.I. Racing Drone

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3D printed polycarbonate racer chassis protects the interior sensors and components. Designed in Autodesk's Fusion360 by     Eli D'Elia and Taylor Stein. Made at Pier 9, San Francisco, California


"Developing the X1 racer has revolutionized my approach to drone design as a whole. Using Autodesk's CAD / CAM and environmental simulator tools, I can quickly iterate stronger, aerodynamic drones with greater performance and endurance than that of other drones now on the market." - Eli


Now an Autodesk design luminary, Eli is a speaker and educator with the company's STEAM and University programs, is on the board of advisors with Drobots, a STEAM orientated technology boot camp. Eli, however, considers himself to be just getting started.  

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