Eagle Eye Metrics  located in Petaluma, Northern California. 


Eagle Eye's UAV systems ensure quality with reliable, on request flights throughout the grow cycle. High definition, multi-spectrum image capture gets comprehensive data analytics that provide actionable insights.

Our Team: 

Eli DElia,  Owner / UAV Pilot

Angela Doenier,  CEO

Jesse Kaltenbach, UAV Pilot, Aerial cinematographer

Tucker Reed, Drone Technician

Reiner Von Webber, UAV Pilot / Technician




Safety first. We are committed to safety and science. UAV flights are subject to conditions including weather, No-Fly zones, legal and privacy concerns. Permission to fly over private property must be in writing. 

Eagle EYE Metrics LLC is in full compliance with FAA sUAS regulations, is fully insured and only employs licensed pilots holding FAA 333 and Part 107 certification with proven professional sUAS experience.